Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer with our Campus Life Ministry!

Our Campus Life Ministry currently has ministry sites in the Parker, Lone Tree, and Brighton areas.


Please watch the following videos to give you an introduction to our Campus Life ministry.  You will need to watch the videos to answer the questions below (don't worry - they aren't difficult, and you can scroll down and read them at anytime!). If at any point you decide you would rather dig a little deeper into one of our other ministry models, simply back up and watch the videos for the corresponding online introduction.  After watching the videos, if you are interested in becoming a Ministry Leader (volunteer), simply complete the questions and information form at the bottom of the ministry page you are most interested in.

Campus Life pursues every young person at local middle and high schools in communities through healthy relationships and creative programming, engaging them as life-long followers of Jesus Christ.


1. National Ministries


2. 3Story

Lawn Chair Boy 1 from SCIowa.YFC on Vimeo.


3. Campus Life Explained


4. Teenage Life

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5. Next Steps

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Next Steps: If you are interested in becoming a Ministry Leader (volunteer) with Campus Life, simply complete the questions and information form below and we will follow up with you:


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Come build relationships with students - a Campus Life Director will help you in this process. These relationships are incredibly significant in students' lives and this is where lasting transformation happens!