Volunteer Ministry Leader Required Training Credit Options

All Volunteer Ministry Leaders are required to complete a minimum of two training credits each year (July - June).  These can include YFC large group trainings, ministry specific trainings, outside YFC youth ministry conferences and trainings, books, online modules, movies, and other ideas that you may suggest.  The following are some suggestions that you can use.  Do you have other ideas?  Perhaps a conference you have attended?  Please email Heidi (heidi@yfcdenver.org) if you have other ideas or training options you would like to use.

The Big Fall Training Event:

This event is for all Denver Area Youth For Christ Volunteer Ministry Leaders every September.  It includes training, breakfast, lunch, and annual volunteer recognition.  Fall 2020 date TBD.

Online Training Modules: 

Hours of Webinars available from the National Mentoring Resource Center Learning Hub.  Click here for a list and to access the videos.  Choose what you would like and email Heidi (heidi@yfcdenver.org) with which training you chose and what your take-aways are.  Each webinar counts as a training credit.

Webinar: Addressing Adolescent Depression and Suicide: Using Evidence-Based Prevention Program.  Click here to register.  Email Heidi (heidi@yfcdenver.org) your take-aways.  This counts for one training credit.


Choose any of the books below to read.  Email Heidi (heidi@yfcdenver.org) your take-aways.  Each book counts as a training credit.

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores by Dominique DuBois Gilliard

Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Faith in Your Kids by Kara E Powell

Tattoos  on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Gregory Boyle

Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help, and How to Reverse It by Robert D Lupton

Biblical Reflections:

This is a video and series of guided exercises through the Youth For Christ Cultural Attributes.  Click here for the video and access to the excercies.  Choose what you would like and email Heidi (heidi@yfcdenver.org) with which exercise you chose and what your take-aways are.  Each exercise counts as a training credit.


Other Resources:

Not for training, but resources that JJM Facility volunteers leading small group discussions may find helpful:

Everyday Object Lessons for Youth Groups by Helen Musick and Duffy Robbins (Youth Specialties)

Bible Project: These are short (cartoon videos) that can be downloaded to a tablet and create good discussions.