Join us at Sagewood Middle School Campus Life!

The Sagewood Campus Life program 2021/2022, under the direction of Justin Conant, meets for Club every Thursday after school from 2:55pm-4:00pm in the Outside Classroom.  

Campus Life is designed to provide a fun, safe place where students can be themselves, have fun, play games, make friends and talk about their faith. As a Campus Life director, it's my desire and goal for students to live in the love and life of Jesus Christ.

For more information about Campus Life at Sagewood Middle School, please email Justin Conant, or call 720.492.7180.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Community Support Team
    There are a number of ways to be a part of Sagewood Middle School Campus Life. If you are a parent of a student, think about joining the Community Support Team. There you will join other parents who are helping direct Campus Life and promoting it's success.

  • Volunteer
    If you aren't a parent but still want to be involved, there are nearly unlimited ways to volunteer. Whether it's baking cookies for Club or leading a small group of students, there is something for you to do. This is not a one man show! We need all the help that is available!