A Wife’s Perspective

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Francine Adams, Denver Area Ministry Admin and wife to Preston Adams, Juvenile Justice Ministry Director

Can you remember a time when you looked at something or someone and got teary eyed? My time was during a lunch I had with my husband, Preston, and one of his youth, "Derek." Preston and Derek were on a transitional pass, as they were trying to find a job for Derek. As Uriyah, our son, and I sat down with Derek, I was initially struck by Derek’s tough demeanor. While he was very respectful to me, I could tell there was a lot of extensive hurt from his past. 


Preston was ordering us food and when he sat down, we talked a little bit about Derek's past, present and goals for the future. Then out of nowhere, Preston and Derek were joking around and Derek, with a smile of innocence and joyful attitude, laid his head on Preston's shoulder. I was in utter shock! He continued to do this throughout lunch and all I could do was soak in this beautiful moment. It was as if Derek and Preston were in their own world and no one else existed. Here was a young man who had been through a lot in his past, had made some very poor choices, was an active gang member (but trying desperately to leave that life), was physically intimidating, and now was laying his head on my husband's shoulder. I immediately became overwhelmed with joy and emotion. 


I wish everyone could have seen what I witnessed and could have experienced what I got to that day. I saw a young person who was very "rough around the edges," completely let down his guard, and not just trust a man, but demonstrate complete affection for him, like a son would for his father. Many of these youth have been starved from love and affection and this appropriate male bonding, initiation and love, is imperative to their healing. Moreover, it is imperative for their spiritual healing. Because of their negative views of men it causes many of these youth to see God (“Father”) in a negative light.


Thank you so very much for partnering with us. You have given us the incredible opportunity to love these young men as God has called us.   Thank you for being a part of the ongoing conversation with youth in our city and helping us share God’s story.  It's our honor to be the storytellers on your behalf who meet kids right where they are and give life to their story.


Providing young people in our community with the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ and become part of a local church.

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