From Mundane to Miraculous

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Gareth Unruh, Assistant Director, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Denver Area YFC

“I don’t know my dad and my mom is in prison. My Uncle and Aunt adopted me after I'd been to 10 different foster and group homes. I call them mom and dad, they raised me.” 

My days are filled with a lot of coordinating, training, recruiting -- all relational and all depending on the day. But one part of my day never changes: after 3 pm I’m meeting with youth who are hurting. Some want to talk because of what's going on in their lives and they are searching for answers. Some want to talk specifically about faith and following Christ. And because of the Holy Spirit’s leading, I engage in other conversations with youth like the one above. 

Much of my conversations consist of a whole lot of listening – about family issues, problems with peers, struggles to make good decisions. So, I sit and listen, and pray silently, inviting Christ into the conversation to see where He wants it to go. Often I meet multiple times with a youth to work through issues or their faith, or for that matter, lack of faith. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’m across from a young person and as they share their story I feel so helpless; however, God has spoken to me to be their hope and to speak hope into their hearts and lives! You see, I could meet with these young people, hear their stories and empathize with them, but experience no change in my life or theirs. Yet because of Christ, and His life saving grace and mercy, conversations about the mundane are transformed into something miraculous, even mystical at times!  I cannot explain it; it's something you must experience.

So the next time you are putting gas in your car and you happen to catch the eye of the person across from you, or you are waiting in line and feel convicted to put your phone back in your pocket to talk to the weary looking mom in front of you, or a neighbor comes out of the house at the same time you do and you exchange normal pleasantries, invite Christ into the conversation!  See what He does, hear what He hears, and allow yourself to be the Hope that Jesus speaks of!

We each have been given the opportunity to usher Christ into the middle of situations He may not normally be a part of. For me, often, this includes horrible situations where, only by the grace of God, I am able to speak truth and love, and continue to seek healing and hope for the youths I serve!

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