Opportunity Knocks

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

Responding to opportunity...

One of the most consistently amazing things I've seen God do since I started this role at Denver Area Youth for Christ, is to bring opportunity. My friend, Danny de Armas, always says, "Pray for opportunity. Then when God brings it, RESPOND!"

That is a faith testing thing. God is bringing opportunity every time I turn around. We have opportunity to start new Campus Life ministries at more schools than we can currently staff. We have opportunity to place adult mentors with incarcerated kids, and we're training mentors as fast as we can. We have opportunity to hire new staff and place new volunteers, and we're doing our best to respond!

Mentoring opportunities...

This month we have begun a new program, in cooperation with the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections, which greatly expands our ability to place mentors with incarcerated kids. We have hired a new staff person, Ken Allen, to oversee this ministry expansion. He is an incredibly gifted individual, and I can't wait to see how God will impact the eternal destiny of hundreds of lost youth!

It comes down to financing...

So where is the faith testing part of it? Simply, it is financing. It comes down to raising the needed funds to enable us to respond. It is expensive to reach today's youth, but God has been incredibly faithful. In the eight months I have been here, we have been able to pay down half of our debt, and our goal is to be debt free by the end of June! As Executive Director, one of my primary tasks is to grow the ministry to reach more and more kids but to do it in such a way that we remain financially sound. We can't spend money we don't have, so we trust God to bring in the needed financial supply.

Ask God how you can help...

As you read this, I pray you will ask God how you might be able to help. 

You can find out more about getting involved here.

We still need to raise significant additional funds to expand the ministry and meet the opportunities. Please pray that God will raise up additional monthly supporters. Pray that we will be wise in responding to the many opportunities. Pray that we will have faith to follow God as He leads in all of this.

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