The Best Way to Recruit Adult Volunteers for Your Youth Ministry

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

Recruiting adult volunteers to help serve in your youth ministry is an essential task. It’s also very challenging. As we interact with youth workers around the country, it’s one of the handful of issues that come up over and over again.

Youth workers are looking for strategies, techniques, and tips on recruiting and training adult volunteers.

Over the years something crystallized with me, something that I think will help you in how you think about bringing key leaders into your fold. It’s a simple concept, really, though its application will most definitely convict and challenge you. Ready?

The most effective way to recruit and keep adult volunteers for your youth ministry is to be excellent at what you do.

Google doesn’t have to stress to find employees. People are beating down the door to work for them because they are excellent in their field. The same can be said for winning athletic programs, innovative start-ups, and yes, ministries.

If your youth ministry is healthy you will draw people to you. I’ve seen it a thousand times. Awesome youth ministries don’t have a lot of trouble recruiting volunteers. If your youth ministry is making a real difference in the lives of your students and the church, you’ll find it easier to bring people on board. If parents see you as a valuable partner in bringing their teenager closer to Christ, you’ll find it easier to bring people on board. If you are reliable and consistent, you’ll find it easier to bring people on board. If you are having purposeful fun, you’ll find it easier to bring people on board.

Will you still have to work to bring good people on board? Sure you will. Ask a top college recruiter for a successful program if he or she still has to work. But the simple truth is that quality attracts quality. It’s true in life, and it’s true in our ministries.

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