The Least of These

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Jill Meyer, Director of Parent Life

“You know Jill, you are the only person that I know who hasn’t totally given up on me.


          I still believe you can change the direction of your life ‘Jae.’ It’s going to take two things, though. First, you need to have Jesus in your life and let him help guide your life. Second, you need to actually want it to change enough to make some different decisions.


I know you are right Jill. If I let Jesus in, he would help me. I know that is the only way I could actually change.


          So where are you at with that?


Well . . .I still want to have fun and do whatever I want to do. I make a lot of money dealing.


          Even when that means you are scared on a regular basis because of how you are living? Even when you tell me how down you are because of how your life is going?


That sounds stupid doesn’t it – but yeah.


          Oh Jae, I am so afraid you will end up dead or in prison before you hit bottom enough to let God in. Will you at least ask God to give you the desire to change?


I dunno – I’ll think about it. “


Please pray for ‘Jae’. She continues to make poor decisions, deal drugs and rarely sees her child. She is running in dangerous circles. At times I think it is a waste of time to see her but then I think about ‘the least of these’ and that is Jae. She has no other healthy, caring adult in her life. AND, pray for me as I meet with her, that the Holy Spirit will give me wisdom, love and patience!


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