Relational, holistic ministry to youth in urban communities

What is City Life?

 City Life is a relational, holistic, community-based ministry that desires to see deep change in an urban neighborhood through the raising of indigenous leaders from the young people in that community.


The Facts

Here in Denver, we have started City Life in two communities, SW Denver and N. Aurora/Far NE Denver. These two communities have been identified by local and national officials as being vastly underserved, marginalized, more susceptible to violence, and in need of community support. And while these communities have been plagued by systemic issues, there is a sense of beauty and sacredness that is deeply rooted. Furthermore, there are young people in these communities who are seeking to bring peace, holistic care, and shalom to their communities. City Life is seeking to raise up these ‘Indigenous Leaders’ to be the change God has called them to be in their communities, developing them from the inside out.

The Opportunity

Here are some more tangible ways in which City Life is seeking to bring about holistic change to these communities: 

  • Mentorship 
    • Referral based mentoring of young people in the community who are facing significant life challenges and/or may already be involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Partnership with schools
    • Providing mentorship, programming, and resources to schools in each community
  • Partnership with other community entities
    • churches, non-profits, community members, businesses
  • Pro-social opportunities 
    • Sports, music, art, jobs, etc.
  • A sense of a loving and alternative community
    • Holistic help
  • Employment, education, mental health, physical health, etc.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Come to a See the Story Ministry tour.
Volunteer – Get involved in the lives of these young people!
Donate to help expand City Life ministry in Denver.

For more information, please email Gareth Unruh.