Chaparral High School

Join us at Chaparral High School Campus Life!

During the 2021/2022 school year, Chaparral Campus Life meets every Wednesday morning from 6:50am-7:25am for breakfast in the Team Room at Chap. All students are invited and welcome! We hope your student will come to Campus Life and get involved. It's a great place to make friends and awesome memories.

For more information about Chaparral Campus Life, please email Kyler, or call 616-214-5698.








Ways to Get Involved

  • Community Support Team
    There are a number of ways to be a part of Chaparral H.S. Campus Life. If you are a parent of a student think about joining the Community Support Team. There you will join other parents who are interested in helping direct Campus Life and promoting it's success.

  • Volunteer
    If you aren't a parent but still want to be involved, there are nearly unlimited ways to volunteer. Whether it is baking cookies for Club or leading a small group of students, there is something for you to do. This is not a one man show! We need all the help that is available!