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Archives: February 2015

Helping Teenagers Think Outside Themselves

2/26/2015 in Category

By Richard Parker, youth minister and author

This experience hit me right between the eyes. What was, up to that point, a normal, Wednesday, youth group Bible study, turned into something... More


2/19/2015 in Category

By Gareth Unruh, Assistant Director, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Denver Area YFC

We talk a lot about loving relationships in Youth for Christ. No core ministry is challenged more in this More

The Importance of Healthy Relationships

2/11/2015 in Category

By Mikkee Hall

Some of my fondest adolescent memories are my days in youth group. I had an amazing youth leader beginning my sixth-grade year, Mrs. Johnson. She had a heart for adolescent... More

Engaging Disengaged Parents

2/4/2015 in Category

By Darren Sutton, co-founder of Millennial Influence

So, if you're like any other youth worker, you have some of your students' parents who simply won't engage with the student ministry.... More