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Archives: July 2016

7 Tips to Welcoming New Volunteers

7/27/2016 in Category

By Bill Nance, a 15-year youth ministry veteran

I sat in my car with the hands on the wheel for a good couple minutes. I watched as the clock slowly ticked towards 7 pm. I tried to hold down... More

Volunteering: How Taking a Risk is Good for Everyone

7/20/2016 in Category

By Rachel Oliver

When I was asked to step in and lead the Bible study at the last minute, I could feel my heart beat quicken and my skin perspire. It would have been easy to say, “sorry no.”... More

Tips For Recruiting Volunteers

7/13/2016 in Category

By Vickie Greatwood, youth and young adult director at Francis Asbury United Methodist Church

When I first began in ministry, I had the misconception that everything had to be done by me.... More