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Archives: June 2016

Learning to be Intentional with Your Time and Money

6/28/2016 in Category

By Rachel Oliver

There are many ways we can and do spend our time and resources. Many of us clock in at a job regularly, and maybe we attend church and even Bible study each week. Some of... More

Summer Youth Ministry: Grow Those Relationships

6/20/2016 in Category

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

Summer. It's a different animal for so many youth workers, isn't it?

There are a lot of you reading this that are looking forward to... More

Return on Faithfulness

6/17/2016 in Category

By Dan Marlow, Denver Area Youth for Christ Executive Director

In the business world, a fundamental concept is “Return On Investment” or ROI. The profit a company makes on an investment... More

Five Reasons to do Camp in Youth Ministry

6/10/2016 in Category

By J. Roger Davis, President and leader of all live events & experiences for ym360

Camp can have a dramatic impact on your ministry. It becomes a concentrated time on your yearly ministry... More

The (Surprising) Reason for Engaging with Students Outside of Your Bible Study

6/2/2016 in Category

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

Every youth worker knows it's important to stay plugged in to our students' lives outside of our Bible study time. But I'm going to say... More