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Archives: October 2020

Relational Ministry is Needed

10/5/2020 in Category General, Campus Life

By Ken Allen, Executive Director

“Hey Ken, I have a question for you? I met a new student who just moved here and is struggling.  She was alone at lunch today and was out eating on the... More

You Just Never Know

10/5/2020 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

By Claire Froehlich, Juvenile Justice Ministry Chaplain

When you first meet “Shay”, it’s impossible not to notice her big, boisterous personality and strong presence. With both parents... More

What Jesus Looks Like

10/5/2020 in Category Parent Life

By Jill Meyer, Parent Life

The trailer looked so trashed that I rechecked the address. 

Yes, this was the right place! Oh my, was the place even safe for an adult, let alone a 6-month-... More

The Story is Not Over

10/5/2020 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

By Tim Butler, Juvenile Justice Ministry Chaplain

“You were born a mistake.  You are such a failure and always will be… you are a waste of tax dollars.”  

“You should be ashamed of... More

A Place Where You Matter

10/5/2020 in Category Campus Life

By Andi Woodring, Director of Campus Life Ministries

Campus Life is a place where all students can come and feel welcome, have fun, know they’re loved, and hear that they matter. We share... More