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A Mentor For Every Young Person

1/24/2018 in Category

By Kaylee Waldron, Juvenile Justice Chaplain

January is National Mentoring Month. While one-on-one more formal mentoring is a part of what we do at Denver Area Youth For Christ, mentoring... More

Changing Their Story

1/18/2018 in Category

By Claire Froehlich, Juvenile Justice Chaplain

I received a letter recently from “Wyatt”, a 14 year-old young man from a small mountain town I’d met with this summer. He writes,

“Thank... More

Tough Choices

1/11/2018 in Category

By Jill Meyer, Parent Life Director

     “Jill, I think I am going to move in with my new boyfriend from work.


          Oh really. Tell me about him.


     Well, we have worked... More

A Brief Encounter

1/3/2018 in Category

By Tim Butler, Director of City Engagement and Juvenile Justice Chaplain

Want to hear something really incredible?  A couple of months ago, the New York Times’s science section ran a story... More