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Archives: September 2015

Is Wealth a Blessing or a Curse?

9/30/2015 in Category Giving

4 caution lights that can determine the answer...

It is widely presumed in Christian theology today that the economic condition of affluence is not a very good one for Christians to be... More

Helping Students (and Parents) Evaluate and Navigate What They Watch and Listen To

9/27/2015 in Category

By Leneita Fix, founder and lead consultant for Blue Sky/Green Sky Consulting

I confess I didn’t even know when MTV’s Video Music Awards were on. It wasn’t until the next, day when I saw... More

Helping Students Who Feel Called To Vocational Ministry

9/23/2015 in Category

By Melanie Dill, called into church-planting, youth ministry, and leadership development in Cape Town, South Africa

When I was doing youth ministry in the US, I saw numerous students who... More

My Best Advice For Every Youth Worker

9/16/2015 in Category

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

Not too long ago, a youth worker asked me if I could give any advice to a youth worker, what would it be. That’s a big question! I answered... More

Ready for College?

9/10/2015 in Category

Thinking about what comes next after high school?

One of the most formative and faith-building times of my life happened during my college years. The experience of being away from family... More