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Archives: November 2016

Keeping Your Family Focused on Christ During the Christmas Rush

11/28/2016 in Category

By Darren Sutton, Pastor for Youth & Preteens at Christ Point Church in Corpus Christi, TX

So it's Christmas! It's a time for joy and celebration, family and faith . . . . . . and three... More

Helping Teenagers Think Outside Themselves

11/17/2016 in Category

By Richard Parker, youth min veteran and co-pastor & student minister at Branches Church, in Russellville, AL

This experience hit me right between the eyes.

What was, up to that point, a... More

Jesus Wants More

11/10/2016 in Category

By Andy Blanks, co-founder of youthministry360

Here’s a simple thought I shared in our Monday morning staff meeting.

Jesus wants more.

Jesus wants more for us. In Scripture, we always see... More


11/1/2016 in Category

By Joe Sturniolo, Kardia Family Legacy & Estate Planning Services

For Christian parents facing the challenges of estate planning and how to leave assets to the children, inheritolatry is the... More