Why Mentor?

Posted on by Heidi Brunsting

By Rachel Oliver

We live in a busy, busy world with tasks and responsibilities pulling us in every direction. Sometimes it feels like the only impact we’re making is on the tread of our tires. But I want more – don’t you? I want to know that what I’m doing is important and has value. I want meaning. And that’s where mentoring comes in. Being a mentor:

Passes along valuable wisdom and practical skills
Although sometimes we may question what we have to offer, what each of us has to offer is actually quite a lot. From wisdom gained over the years to the practical skills we’ve each acquired, you and I have something great to pass on to others. Let’s share the knowledge!

Grows both the mentee and the mentor
It’s easy to think that mentoring is all about the mentee but being in a mentor-relationship is also highly impactful for the mentor. While it helps you look to the needs beyond yourself, being a mentor also offers opportunity to see and understand the world through another’s eyes, quite possibly someone of a different upbringing, age, ethnicity or socioeconomic standing.

Makes an impact on the future
Through mentoring you have the influence to change the trajectory of a life, who in turn will impact other lives, leaving a profound mark on the world. 

In 2 Timothy 1:14, we are called to “Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” As Christians we have been entrusted with the greatest gift: the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and an eternal relationship with him. We haven’t been called to hide it away but rather to guard it as a treasure and share it with those He loves but who have yet to come to know Him. Through a mentoring relationship, you have the opportunity to impact someone not only for this lifetime but also for eternity to come.

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