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  These posts are written by the staff and friends of Denver Area YFC. We invite you to read, ponder and join the conversation about youth and youth ministry in Denver.


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Opportunity Knocks

3/21/2011 in Category

Responding to opportunity...

One of the most consistently amazing things I've seen God do since I started this role at Denver Area Youth for Christ, is to bring opportunity. My... More

The Greatest Volunteers

1/11/2011 in Category

The other night I sat in a room with almost 100 Youth for Christ volunteers. We heard stories of praise and thanksgiving about changed lives - young lives as well as older lives! There were... More

Being Jesus in Hell

12/30/2010 in Category

 Written by Ellen Haroutunian  

I forget how much I need God moments to survive. They are those too rare glimpses of incarnation that help to sharpen the Kingdom into focus before... More