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  These posts are written by the staff and friends of Denver Area YFC. We invite you to read, ponder and join the conversation about youth and youth ministry in Denver.


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All Are Welcome

6/5/2019 in Category Campus Life

By Justin Conant, Campus Life Site Director

     “Justin, I can’t go to club today or breakfast tomorrow."

          "That’s ok, Amanda! Next time!"

     "No, I don’t think I can ever... More

Life at Lookout

6/5/2019 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

By Chris Rose, Juvenile Justice Ministry Chaplain

Life here at Lookout has been busy as of late. I’ve been working hard to maintain relationships with not only the kids, but with local... More

Dream With Us

6/5/2019 in Category City Life, Juvenile Justice Ministry

By Preston Adams, Juvenile Justice Ministry Director

It was myself, Uriyah (my son), Derrick (a young man I have been working with at Lookout for the past several years. Derrick has become... More

An Authentic, Transforming Relationship

6/5/2019 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

By Tim Butler, Director of City Engagement

I stepped into a locked unit just in time to catch the last part of a conversation between Brian and a teenager named Chris, and this is what I... More

Changes That Can Only Come From God

4/23/2019 in Category Parent Life

By Jill Meyer, Director of Parent Life

“Don't you get discouraged working with teen parents who have been in so much trouble, Jill?”

Of course, I do. I hate it when I find out one of the... More